All You Need To Know About Health Informatics & Health Information

In the past, the health industry relied on a paper-based system to organize, store, interpret and integrate patient records and medical information. However, with information technology’s rapid advancement and invasion of the healthcare sector, medical practitioners and facilities are finding it highly efficient to store their data in coded computer systems.


Healthcare Informatics is a healthcare information management technology that has emerged from the combination of two concepts: health and information technology. Creating a link between the two has become vital in today’s world. A patient’s health data is stored digitally so it can be retrieved at a moment’s notice.


Health Informatics includes the collection of data, its storage, analysis and presentation in a digital format to help doctors and patients make better and informed decisions. It applies informatics concepts, theories and practices to real-life situations to achieve better health outcomes. Healthcare information systems were evolved to link information technology, communications and healthcare to improve the quality and safety of patient care.


With the increased use of information technology and communication in healthcare, health information is gaining importance. From the maintenance of electronic patient records, reduced costs, more efficiency, less trial and error methodologies and the more access for patients, heath information systems have a myriad of benefits.


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