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The need to manage workflow in many organizations can be viewed in the context of case work. The technology you chose to aid in this work should be built on a robust case management framework. We can help!

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Technological innovation in the medical industry is triggering massive changes inhow healthcare is administrated and financed, forcing leaders to seek the best model to deliver healthcare to stakeholders.

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Technology has become more complex and interdependent. Choosing the right vendor to help you best serve the needs of your stakeholders is critical. Choose the vendor that best understands your mission.

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IT Services Company

Denysys Corporation is an information technology service provider based in Minneapolis, MN, with offices in the National Capital Region and New York City. We implement leading-edge projects through reliable and flexible partnerships with our clients. Denysys uses a pragmatic, experienced and standards-based approach to delivering complex business solutions. At the heart of our approach is the Denysys Solutions Framework® (DSF).

The DSF is a series of concepts, models, and best practices that lays the foundation for quickly delivering complex technology projects on time and within budget. Our approach can guide an organization through team assembly, resource management, and the processes necessary for successful technology implementation.

Denysys: 20 Years of Bringing Change to the Industry

Philip Denny, Founder and President, established the Denysys Corporation in 1997 and has focused its efforts on improving business, community, and government projects using innovative technology and a well-trained and positive workforce. Mr. Denny forged his leadership qualities during a career working for tech giants such as IBM and 3M and building up groundbreaking technology startups.

Mr. Denny is passionate about helping his employees grow and succeed because he feels that a business can only succeed at serving it customer’s needs if its employees are well trained and motivated. Mr. Denny believes that work/life balance is key to employee and business successes. As the founder, Mr. Denny sees this team building role as a core responsibility and is as critical as his role as Chief Executive Officer.

Mr. Denny is the key point of contact with customers and sets the Denysys strategy. Under his guidance, Denysys is now ranked among the leaders of emerging companies in providing technology and business process management (BPM) solutions. We continue to strive to be a key source for leading-edge technologies that will carry our clients through the 21st century, including the latest business and strategy enabling technologies such as cloud, BPM, cybersecurity and agile development. Denysys’ goal is to help clients respond faster to opportunities, achieve more from their operations, exceed their mission requirements and meet their competition head-on.

Understanding Your Goals to Deliver Success

Denysys’ goal is to leverage technology and scientific discoveries that improve the human condition. We achieve this by working with our customers to provide management, technology, and business process services to help you meet your business goals. We achieve our purpose by listening to you. This enables us to gain a full understanding of all your enterprise needs, goals, and your mission, and how they relate to your systems and processes.

Devoted to Our Customers’ Needs

At Denysys, we believe a strong culture that promotes entrepreneurialism; flexibility, transparency, and open communication can significantly increases the odds of a successful customer engagement. As CEO, my goal is not only service the needs of our external customers, but also meet the needs of our internal customers: our employees. When our employees’ needs are met, that translates into higher customer satisfaction.

Because management cannot be in the field all the time, our goal is to ensure buy-in at all levels of management and front-line employees so that customer focus becomes a priority and a reality. Buy-in increases when employees understand how their performance affects the customer and the business..

As we develop leaders with a customer focus, we also strive to create innovative, experiential, and practical learning opportunities and resources that foster an understanding of their role and purpose, while preparing them for an environment that is increasingly collaborative, self-directed and agile.

Guided By Our Values

Values in business are sometimes viewed as quaint. However, we still insist that all our professionals adhere to the same set of core values. Those values include:

  • Integrity, ethics and honesty in all we do
  • Our future performance must always better our past performance as we strive for continuous self-improvement
  • Provide a respectful and stimulating environment that encourages superior individual and team performance
  • Motion, action, curiosity, and change for its own sake
  • We strive to achieve reasonable profits in order to pursue our purpose and mission
    • Living our Values

      As CEO, my goal is to help our employees live and work by our values. Furthermore, we adapt our organization’s values to specific behavioral examples. To do that, we must attract, hire, and retain only the best employees, as well as serve clients that share similar work ethic and values. Denysys employees live, work, and play by our values. We do this by putting our values front and center, and constantly asking ourselves if our actions reflect our values. Finally, rewarding behavior that reflects our values is keyto living those values.


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What we do

Case Management

Case Management

Allowing clients to assemble, analyze,and archive content to improve outcomes

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Agile IT Solutions

agile it

Helping clients develop and improve communication, data, or software systems.

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Helping clients focus on the right technology to achieve better outcomes for patients.

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Staffing Solutions


Offering our clients two models: Staff Augmentation and Managed Services.

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Denysys understands the government’s need to work with small businesses that can deliver consistently high-quality services at competitive prices.

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