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Staff Augmentation & Manage Services

We offer our clients 2 staffing-related models:
The Staff Augmentation Model and the Managed Services Model.

The best model for any organization is based on its objectives for outsourcing. The more traditional staff augmentation model meets the needs of most organizations by providing “just in time” top-notch services. The managed service model allows an organization to off-load the risk of future operations based on an agreed committed scope and tenure that ultimately reduces costs and improves reliability.

Critical Requirements Identified by Managed Services Buyers


Robust Security Capabilities

Are the basics covered (firewalls, intrusion detection)?

How will regulatory requirements be addressed locally? Across multiple geographies?

Effective Return on Investment (ROI)

Can the provider build a business case? Provide actual ROI assessments?

Quality of Service

How will the provider reduce risks and meet service delivery targets related to: Availability? Performance? Provisioning?

Are there contractual SLAs with financial goals?

Control and Support

Is there a formal governance model incorporating program and project management?

What management tools and dashboards are provided?

Skills and Resources

Does the service provider have deep skills? Broad skills? Around-the-clock coverage?

Is all service labor based? What processes are automated?

Staff Augmentation Model

Resource Requirements

  • Complete Profile
  • Only High Level Requirement

Resource on boarding

  • Activate client process
  • Monthly periodic feedback on resource performance

Resource Fullfillment

  • Comprehensive Interview to validate skill
  • Client interview based on position
  • Resource selection and confirmation by client

Resource off boarding

  • Knowledge transfer
  • Project appraisal and feedback