DSF Helps Harness Changes to Make Your Business Dynamic and Agile

Agile methodology has been around for quite a while. A group of software designers laid out its principles in a 2001 “manifesto.” Though for most of its history, it has been lurking in the background, ignored by thought leaders at the world’s biggest companies.


But now, agile seems to be having, as the kids say, a moment. It’s emerging from the exclusive realm of computer techs and taking its place in the sun — and in the workflows of every industry across the land.


But how and when to implement the agile into your own methodology and workflow are the pressing questions for many project leaders and executives today.


Denysys Corp., with its Denysys Solutions Framework (DSF), stands at the ready to help make businesses more dynamic and agile. Recognizing trends and market factors and harnessing those changes throughout the project can lead to a more robust result.


Simply put, the agile method breaks a project into smaller increments, quickly delivering continuous chunks of that project to users. It allows for constant reassessment, redesign and redeployment.


The method is more flexible and iterative than the traditional waterfall approach to projects, allowing teams to assess and address problems throughout the development process, rather than waiting until the end. Agile’s iterative nature can improve a company’s outcomes, as well as cut costs and time to market.


At Denysys, the agile approach is incorporated into the Denysys Solutions Framework. The DSF is focused on change accommodation. By watching market trends, the DSF methodology lets Denysys anticipate the next move. Short development sprints allow for the ongoing incorporation of changes and, ultimately, the timely completion of projects.


The constant updating during the development process allows the client to have a fully functioning and deployable product, while always being able to meet the latest business need.

The end result, DSF helps clients:


  • Finish their project faster;
  • Spend less time on development overall; and
  • Boost ROI on their project.

Founded in 1996, Denysys Corp. is a top Agile Software Development Company. Through its Denysys Solutions Framework, Denysys provides Agile IT Solutions that run on a nonlinear, dynamic logic.

Denysys understands the government’s need to work with small businesses that can deliver consistently high-quality services at competitive prices.

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