Putting Denysys Case Management to Work for You

In the business world, case management generally falls into four categories:
1. Investigation
2. Incident Management
3. Service Request
4. Process to Decision


For now, let’s deal with Investigation Case Management.


These cases investigate various target goals. For example, inspector general investigations involve auditing federal department revenue and expense accounts and individual employee performance, as well as uncovering any misuse of federal funding. Other types of investigation cases involve the determination of worker compensation, background checks by HR departments, compliance and regulatory licensing by Regulatory departments, and more.


Such cases are highly unstructured in nature, but are more goal-oriented. Denysys Corporation’s Solutions Framework can help resolve many issues and can streamline the decision process and make it more time-bound. Denysys’ Investigation Case Management System Software is designed along the lines of their solutions framework.


The Investigation case follows three crucial steps:


1. Collection:


This involves the collection of unstructured and non-homogeneous data. Collection points can be existing applications or other sources of data input. Data is classified and stored on the basis of its origin. Initial reliability tests determine what data is acceptable and authentic.


2. Analysis:


Once unstructured data is collected, analytic parameters are defined by the user that will structure the data accordingly. For example, a user could define which two sets of data would be highlighted at the end of the analysis process. This is useful in case of determining a discrepancy, for example, in accounts receivable and outgoing expenditures. Or in case of HR operations, discrepancy highlighting could make the HR department aware of any missed aspect of background investigation that ought to be looked into.


3. Share:


Sharing of results is the last, yet most crucial, step in decision-making process. Those who receive the findings would get that information securely and privately using encryption engine of Denysys System software. Encryption technology allows for the secure transfer of data that cannot be easily hacked by outside parties. And that’s particularly important when dealing with federal government data.

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