Case Management: An Important Part of Healthcare

The American Case Management Association has designated Oct. 7-13 National Case Management Week 2018. Their theme this year is “Case Management: Improving Outcomes. Improving Care.” In light of that, it seems like a good time to revisit the importance of case management in the healthcare industry.


We recently discussed how building a case for each patient that follows them through their interaction with healthcare providers creates a seamless experience for the patient.


It has been widely observed that a good case management process can reduce length of stay, diminish prescription errors, eliminate needless tests and unnecessary resource use, and lower readmission rates. Throughout this process, the case manager’s role becomes almost as important as the doctors and nurses providing direct care.


In many instances, case managers help patients manage their medications as well as, keep in touch with patients after discharge. Not only does the patient benefit but hospitals also see readmission rates drop.


The case manager can also ensure that a patient’s interaction with the healthcare provider is medically necessary. Case managers work as go-between with insurance companies, often advocating on the patient’s behalf. In some cases, their work convinces insurers to reverse coverage declines, improving a patient’s care and experience and helping providers avoid thousands of dollars in lost reimbursements.


Ultimately, the case manager can be a positive force for good in patient care, advocating for needed services, coordinating care, ensuring care continuity and helping manage financial and reimbursement needs.


For healthcare providers, building a robust case management process is vital to successfully navigating the industry in the 21st century. The Denysys team, with our Denysys Solutions Framework, case management experts and life sciences specialists, can provide comprehensive, integrated healthcare solutions to the biopharmaceutical, medical technology, and medical technology segments.

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