Establishing a Case Management Process for Investigations

The case management process has become a popular way for many businesses to handle various processes. The process helps companies follow each case from initiation to completion. But the case management process can also help firms with Inspector General Investigations, General Counsel, background Investigation, Workers’ Compensation, and compliance and regulatory licensing cases and many more business processes.


In investigative case management, the cases may seem to have little structure, but they do have highly defined business goals. The practice provides a streamlined process to keep track of paperwork, share information and analyze data. It also boosts investigative efficiency and effectiveness and improves case sociability.


Today’s faster and more powerful computers provide the perfect platform to automate the collection of data from the various sources tapped during any investigation. In the investigative case management process, all that data can be collected in a central location, allowing it to be easily indexed and accessed.


The efficient categorization of data also makes important patterns and relationships more visible and easier to parse and understand. Without the case management process in place, investigations would be endlessly bogged down by hard-to-find or even misplaced information.


Establishing an efficient case management process also makes it easier for evidence and findings to be shared securely and electronically. Searches become seamless and error free.


The bottom line is the investigative case management process can improve the efficiency and effectiveness of investigations.


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