Value of Case Management Systems in Insurance, Healthcare & Law Firms

Case management has become standard practice in many industries in the past decade or so. With the digital age’s increase in computing power and speed, computer-based case management has made large, complex processes much more efficient.


Three industries in particular that deal with multifaceted problems and complicated, far-reaching solutions are law firms, healthcare providers and insurance companies. The use of case management methods and software in these sectors has made it easier to keep track of cases and claims and made the process more efficient from start to finish, ultimately boosting the bottom line.


Case Management and Law Firms


In the legal world, case management helps attorneys manage client and case information, providing a streamlined process to keep track of paperwork, share information among attorneys, ease automated processes and make billing more efficient and accurate.


Case management software can provide a central location for all case-related information and communications, including contracts, business agreements, affidavits and much more. It can also help attorneys share information, keep track of the status of various aspects of the case and capture more billable time.


Over the long run, case management can help law firms quickly get new employees oriented, as well as track productivity.


Improving the Healthcare Process


The healthcare and health insurance industries also deal with large complicated cases that often require tracking disparate pieces of information spread among various individuals.


For healthcare providers, case management tools are a vital component in managing a patient’s interaction with the industry. A strong case management process can help doctors and emergency personnel quickly and efficiently access health data at the assessment phase, coordinate care between among healthcare professionals and give patients more control over their medical data.


The ability to track a patient’s information from start to finish provides better control over the entire process, eliminating mistakes and delivering better care and aftercare.


Streamlining Insurance


For health insurance providers, the complexity of a single case is multiplied, as insurance companies are dealing with patients and healthcare providers.


Insurance companies need to gather and keep track of data collected about an individual claim, any documents involved with the claim and any activities – for example, doctor visits, tests and procedures – preformed as part of the claim. A robust case management process will help the insurance provider collect and share information between patient and healthcare providers.


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