Case Management for Enforcement and Licensing Agencies

We’ve seen over the past few years a lot of data intensive industries steadily moving toward automated case management processes. (Though, let’s face it, aren’t all industries data intensive these days?) Agencies in the public realm are also finding the need to adopt case management software to effectively handle the copious volumes of data generated in the digital age.


For regulatory enforcement and licensing agencies, the complex nature of their duties makes solid case management vital to their effectiveness. The normal course of business for these agencies requires the tracking of a number of related processes, including applications, registrations, licensures and renewals, complaints and investigations.


Collecting and organizing that data in one place can make the processing of applications, renewal notices and payments much less stressful, with applicant histories and data available at a moment’s notice.


On the enforcement side, monitoring compliance, tracking case data, levying and collecting fees and fines and recording actions taken can all be made smoother and more efficient through robust case management.


The agency can easily review the history of a code enforcement case, update and track the case, as well as compute, assess, and monitor the collection of fines and penalties.


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