DSF for Agile Software Development Methodology

Denysys Solutions Framework (DSF) is a set of software engineering processes, principles, and proven practices intended to enable developers to achieve success in the software development life cycle (SDLC). DSF provides an adaptable guidance, based upon experiences and best practices from inside and outside of Microsoft, to increase the chance of successful delivery of an information technology solution to the customer by working fast, decreasing the number of people on the project team, averting risk, while enabling high quality results. Our framework is adapted from the Microsoft Solutions Framework but contains best practices based on our 2 decades of software development experience.


The DSF philosophy holds that there is no single structure or process that optimally applies to the requirements and environments for all sorts of projects. Therefore DSF supports multiple process approaches, so it can be adapted to support any project, regardless of size or complexity. This flexibility means that it can support a wide degree of variation in the implementation of software engineering processes while retaining a set of core principles and mindsets.


The DSF for Agile Software Development (DSF4ASD) is intended to be a light weight, iterative and adaptable process. The DSF4ASD uses the principles of the agile development approach formulated by the Agile Alliance. The DSF4ASD provides a process guidance which focuses on the people and changes. It includes learning opportunities by using iterations and evaluations in each iteration. The Denysys Solutions Framework Process Model consists of series of short development cycles and iterations. This model embraces rapid iterative development with continuous learning and refinement, due to progressive understanding of the business and project of the stakeholders. Identifying requirements, product development, and testing occur in overlapping iterations resulting in incremental completion to ensure a flow of value of the project. Each iteration has a different focus and result in a stable portion of the overall system. Thus every phase of the project becomes a compact component honed through each iteration, ready to gel with other similar components that accrue in different phase. Resulting in a seamless and efficient output, thus saving time, cost and efforts.

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