5 Best Practices for Agile Methodology

We’ve all heard that the agile methodology for development is the best way to keep up in today’s manic business environment, but how do we implement that into our business plans?


Previously, we discussed how the agile approach is baked into the Denysys Solutions Framework . Focused on change accommodation, Denysys watches market trends to anticipate the next move. The DSF methodology uses short development sprints to allow for the ongoing incorporation of changes and complete projects on time and under budget.


But what are some of the things the agile process needs to be successful? Here are five best practices for the agile methodology:


1. Build The Perfect Agile Team:


Determine the personnel vital to your project goal and avoid adding any unnecessary personnel. Ideally, the members of your project development team should be equals and given an equal opportunity to contribute. Team members should share actions, avoiding a reliance on a single person.


2. Establish Frequent Meetings:


Regular meetings allow team members to assess their progress, discuss problems that arise and create solutions.


3. Develop A Plan:


We’re really talking about two steps here — a project roadmap and more-focused sprint objectives. Building a roadmap for the overall project helps give team members the overall strategic vision for their project. The smaller, tactical sprint objectives will help keep team members locked on to their immediate goals without getting lost in the weeds.


4. Clear Distractions:


During each sprint, your team needs to be laser-focused on their immediate goals. They need to know exactly what is expected of them and be insulated from as many outside distractions as possible to deliver their work by the end of the sprint.


5. Review Often:


At the end of each sprint, make sure to review your work. The agile methodology’s frequent iterations deployed throughout the project cycle provide an excellent opportunity to receive feedback directly from the customers. That allows the team to address any issues or problems in the next iteration.

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